Best Selling Books List

For all of the individuals and organizations who have purchased our book with the legendary Jack Canfield, we would like to thank you for the HUGE SUCCESS on our book launch for "The Road to Success". Our book landed on FIVE Best Sellers Lists and climbed to the #3 position on one list!

#3- Direct Marketing
#17- Sales & Selling
#48- Entrepreneurship
#58- Marketing
#83 Marketing & Sales

I have also been informed that my contribution on "Mental Conditioning for Success", has been chosen as the "Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Contribution to The Road to Success". This is a great honor, particularly because I have utilized these techniques noted in my chapter during my career as a baseball pitcher, counselor, therapist, professor, and psychologist. Upon viewing the roster of authors contributing to our book, this elite recognition is quite notable. I humbly thank you. Also, I will be attending some awards dinners, conferences, and networking parties in LA and San Francisco, Sept. 20-30 with other Best Selling Author award winners. This should be fun! I will keep you posted with pictures and new information upon my return. Drayton Patterson